let us be thankful

An image from our Thanksgiving Style Session over at Simply Seleta...have you seen it yet?

It’s that time of year again….college football, ridiculous amounts of food and lots and lots of time with family and friends. Everyone here at Tracery is so thankful for all of the opportunities we have been given this year. We have been so blessed with numerous amazing projects, clients, publications & a brand new Shop! We are also so thankful for each of our amazing personal support teams. Our mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, teachers & friends galore have been such amazing cheerleaders and none of us would be here without their support.

Now, on a much less serious note, the Tracery ‘crew’ would like to share what little things in life we hold so dear & are so thankful for this holiday season….

Paige- Flip flops & Unsweet Tea [If you know Paige you know she is ALWAYS in a pair of flops with a large cup of tea!]

Doug- Starbucks Vanilla Latte, Married friends that cook [thank you all for keeping him fed], Being able to walk to work and Blue & White Gingham Button-Up shirts

Bess-Christmas Music on Pandora, Champagne at work & Reading Glasses for the computer [she thinks they make her look smart, hehehe]

Anna Kay- Gym time at Pure Barre & Spin at Grayton Fitness [they keep her sane], Chicken Caesar Salads, Auburn football & her third hand, er, we mean iPhone

Heather-All things Cream Cheese, Vampire Diaries, Margaritas on the Rocks [no ice, please] and fell’in so fly like a G6

Megan- Pretty Lamps [we have lots at both our shops!], heated car seats, sharpie pens, snow ski season and wood burning fireplaces with S’mores

Hannon- Gold Cuff Bracelet that belonged to her late grandmother, Essie ‘Smokin Hot’ nail polish, Kobo No. 8 candle [only at Tracery Mountain Brook], Nike running leggings & Doug’s itunes selection

It you feel like joining in on the silliness this Thanksgiving we would love to hear what wacky random items you are thankful for! Hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday week. Happy [almost] Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “let us be thankful

  1. My beautiful, talented, blessed family (I know that I’m prejudiced when it comes to my 3 boys).
    Good health! Our darling,so-very-spoiled Shihtzu who makes me smile on a daily basis….and Clark shoes, so I can teach all day without my feet hurting 🙂


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