Simply great….

I think many of you know our friend, Seleta, from Simply Seleta.  Seleta lives down here in our neck of the woods (or the beach in our case) and we are having so much fun together!  Today we are photographing our next style session for her blog!  It should be fun and we have been brainstorming fun ideas to share with all of you for the holidays.  So far there are baskets, vases, pinecones, ornaments, candles, burlap, and so many other fun things ready to go….
Last week Seleta posted her new gallery wall {here} and it looks awesome!  I am such and fan and have a gallery wall at my home.  You can see my gallery wall {here}.  Also, I was so excited to see she has one of the little birds from Tracery!  We just love our little birds.  They are available in both our stores and online {here}

Can’t wait to share some photos from our shoot!


2 thoughts on “Simply great….

  1. love your style sessions with seleta. looking forward to the next one.

    I was looking at a chest this past weekend at Scott’s and heard someone mention Tracery Interiors. I turned to look, but could not find out/figure out if one of you was there. I do hope to meet you guys one day…


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