a few Texas blues…

Last week we showed you a sneak peak of the home we were designing in Texas.  If you missed it check it out here.    We love soothing shades of blues and greens.  This home is full of them!  The name of the house is SeaGlass so it should have lots of seaglass colors.  This beach house is almost finished (but not quite) but we wanted you to see what Bess and I did all last week on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico.  Once the last details are finished we will show you the final product.  Hope you enjoy!

The finished dining room! This room is just flooded with light!

We selected bar stools that have limed oak seats and back and steel frame.

Check out sunset from the second floor porch. Wow! The view was just amazing!


I was hangingg the sand dollars really early one morning in the Master Bath. (I can't believe I am showing you this photo)

The guest bedroom. We painted the wood wall behind the bed alternating white and aqua striped.

As the construction is finished in the other parts of the home we will show you more photos!  It is coming together!  It was really fun to go to Texas to work on installing the furniture for the home.  We worked on the drawings, finishes, and furniture over the past year with the family over the phone and email.  It was really great to finally meet!   I hope you enjoyed the tour…more to come…



6 thoughts on “a few Texas blues…

  1. gorgeous. i love all the natural wood used. those dining room chairs are lovely, the bar stools… and this is making me re-think not using much blue in interior decorating in my own home…


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