We are getting so close!!!!

OK… everyone ready!!!  This time next week… a week from today… 7 days away…. just 7 dinners until… 7 lunches from now… there will be a 2nd Tracery store!!!  Can you tell I am excited (we all are!) to have a new location of Tracery.  Doug and I have a long weekend ahead to install the entire store so that Monday October 25th we will be open!  Our address at the new Mountain Brook location is 2814 Petticoat Lane in Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223.  We have a roommate at our new location too!  Paige Albright Orientals is an AMAZING place to find the perfect rug for your home.  Just last week she received in a new shipment of cowhides… oh how I want one from my new guest bedroom renovation!  What a perfect combo, Paige’s beautiful rugs along with the perfect lamp, pillow, candle for your home… all in one place!

So you want to see a few items that we will have at the new store?


I love these candles! How cute are they?



This one will be in all white.



how about number 91 candle?



I love these!!!! Don't you?



Perfect little box for your perfect little earrings!



The perfect little votives!



a cozy bamboo blanket in 5 different colors!



We love fun pillows!


I hope you all stop by to say hi!  We will post pictures so you can join us in our progress.

Have a great week!


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