A little friday happy….

Many of you that read our blog (and thanks for that!!!)  also read Seleta’s blog, Simply Seleta.  If you don’t read her blog then you must go here and take a peek.  Last month Seleta had a post on John Derian’s new line at Target (here and here).  When I saw it I commented that I was with her and could not wait to see all the fun pieces in the line!  Seleta went to Target and picked up some John Derain pieces.  While she was there she picked up a few baskets for me too!(Thanks Seleta!)  So I thought I would show you where I have used one of my moth bins. 

Look how perfect they work holding part of magazine collectoin!

Have a great weekend! 



7 thoughts on “A little friday happy….

  1. They look PERFECT in your home! Did I mention I’m still obsessed with your cool family room ceiling lights…actually still obsessed with your home in general. Thanks for this fun post. Makes it an extra fun friday!



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