one fabric many ways

We received a new book  last week, French Style at Home, that Anna Kay and I found on our trip to market in New York.  When I looked at the cover again I realized that one of our favorite fabrics on the settee on the cover!  The book is great and it is available on our website here.

The Osbourne & Little fabric is on the sofa in the cover shot. Dont' you love it?

We have used the fabric in the same colorway as seen on the cover of the book.  We loved the citron cut velvet with the linen background as headboards in a guest bedroom at a home in Mountain Brook, Alabama.  You have seen it before on our blog here.

In this room we used the fabric as the custom headboards.

During a different project we needed to find the perfect fabric to cover our clients dining chairs.  This time we used the colorway with the white cut velvet and linen background.

We used the white colorway to recover the dining chairs in a home in Auburn, Alabama.

We also used the fabric on a pair of antique chairs in a home on Lake Martin, check it out here.

In a home at the beach we used the fabric on a pair of chairs in the family’s living room.

We had chairs from Lee Industries upholstered in this great Osbourne and Little fabric.

It amazing how many ways you can use a great fabric!

Have a great week!



8 thoughts on “one fabric many ways

  1. I’ve been looking on O&L’s website at their newer lines for fabric for my headboard in our master. I love this. What is the style #?


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