Recently I received a phone call from our friend Adam.  He was producing the Mary Chapin Carpenter/Vince Gill,  Back to the Beach concert in Sandestin (about 20minutes from our Rosemary Beach studio).  He asked if we would decorate/design/ furnish Vince Gill’s on site temporary trailer/dressing room located in what most days is a driving range.  I said yes immediately.  We love a fun different kind of project like this.  We love all projects big/small/slow/fast/complicated/simple/colorful/monocramatic, we just love to design.   So we started looking for the pieces to fill the space for this past Saturday September 25th.   We had a vintage sofa reupholstered in a dark olive green/brown linen fabric along with 2 different vintage chairs in the same linen patterned fabric.  We incorporated pieces we found to complete the design.

When we entered the space there was a table hanging on the wall.  Anna Kay and I said” That is unfortunate!”, what can we do with that?!  So Anna Kay thought of this fabric we had previously purchased, to help soften the wall as well as created a focal point in the room.  Check out this picture of the room before.

The room was empty with just a fold out table attached to the back wall.

the other view!

We added all the pieces we had found and voile’ a beautiful dressing room for Vince Gill and his crew!  We really enjoyed his music at the concert and I hope he enjoyed our work as well!  Thanks Vince for being part of Back to the Beach!






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