Before and after… a chair story

Many of our clients ask us to incorporate special pieces in the designs for their homes.  Sometimes the piece is incorporated in it’s current state and sometimes it needs a little change to work with the new design.  We designed a house in Auburn, Alabama for a couple that was moving to town.  They had met in college at Auburn and were returning to build a home.  Many pieces from their previous home were used in the design.  This chair is “her” office.  It was our first his and hers offices in a home.  The office reflects her style and now so does the chair.  We reupholstered the chair in muslin then had a slipcover made in white with the perfect shade of pink to work with the beautiful hand printed drapes.  I hope you enjoy the transformation!

The chair- BEFORE


The chair after... even the cat loves the new chair!

6 thoughts on “Before and after… a chair story

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