[works in progress] The Social

At Tracery, we love to design homes (and we’ve designed a lot of them over the past 7 years) but we have to tell you, we really like designing restaurants and bars too!  Naturally then we were very excited when our friend George, who oversees leasing and development for several incredible properties throughout the Southeast, contacted us with a potential project.  Paige and I drove to Chattanooga shortly thereafter to tour a  development called Warehouse Row which is located in a city block of redeveloped turn of the century warehouse space.  Some of you may remember the former outlet mall that occupied the site during the 1980’s and early 90’s (I am pretty sure my family stopped once on our way from Illinois to see family in Georgia when I was growing up!). Anyway, at the redeveloped Warehouse Row there’s a great restaurant already in place called Public House.  We met with the owner, Nathan Lindley during our visit and before we knew it we were hired–and charged with designing a new companion to Public House, a bar called The Social.

While the design for Public House, which was completed a couple of years ago, is very white on white, the idea for The Social was to capture the mood already established by the space’s antique brick walls, heart pine columns and ceiling.  We created a design that honored these elements and accented them with clean-lined architecture, unlacquered brass and antiqued mirror.  I visited the site earlier this week to check in on the construction progress and I was so excited to see how the space is looking!

The view from the front of The Social looking into the space.

The Social has two fronts -- one opening onto Market Street and the other into the Atrium space of Warehouse Row. A new staircase connects the space to the street level. A three sided bar addresses both entrances.

We created a new private dining space overlooking Market Street in a new room wrapped in planks of white oak.

An antique farm table will be joined by clear acrylic chairs in the future private dining space.

Three punched openings let light into the private dining room and provide framed views into the rest of the space.

We were careful not to disturb the beautiful historic elements of the space.  The three sided bar sits just outside of the thick round heart pine columns that march down the center of the room.

The entire lower half of the bar will eventually be faced in oak planks stained dark like the panel already installed in the center. An unlacquered brass bottle rack will line the back wall in front of floor to ceiling panels of antiqued mirror.

Construction is progressing so quickly…when I visited two weeks ago demolition had not even begun!  The Social will open soon, and we’ll be sure to share photos of the finished results just as soon as it’s all complete.

– Doug

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