Artist spotlight: Justin Gaffrey

I am wanted to revive a series we had started featuring artists that we love.  Here is a past post on Teresa Cline.   We love so many artists and we love how their art compliments and completes our designs.  I hope you fall in love too along the way.

On Monday I showed you the painting I am considering for my bedroom (here).    We have always loved the artist Justin Gaffrey’s work.  We love his strong brush strokes, colors, and three dimensional style.  So, I thought I would share a few photos of the pieces we used last year at the Southern Living Idea House 2009.



The colors of the painting compliment the persimmon and aqua that were carried through the design.

The fish adds a touch of the coast to the home. Port Aransas is the fishing town where the idea house is located. So we thought the painting of the fish was perfect!

I love how the painting adds just the right punch of color to the space. (btw... the 4 small paintings on the left are by Teresa Cline)

4 thoughts on “Artist spotlight: Justin Gaffrey

  1. I love this space. I love the carrera with the olive cabinetry, pendants and the blue and green of the art with the olive cabinetry.


  2. I was drawn into the seaside gallery and fell in love with Justin’s work! I also adore Lolla! I’ll be visiting all of the locations and will TRY to pick one out. 😉


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