Lasting Impression

The kitchen of a home we designed at Lake Martin, Alabama which was recently featured in Food & Wine has been making a lot of waves in blogland since it was published.  Today we’re excited to share the rest of the home with you–as featured in the latest issue of Birmingham Home  & Garden.  You can click each image below to enlarge and read Paige’s interview about the home.

[photos by Jean Allsopp, text by Cathy Still Johnson — all content courtesy Birmingham Home & Garden]

18 thoughts on “Lasting Impression

  1. I love this house more (if that’s possible) every time I see it…and it shows up a lot these days. To say you did a great job would be an understatement. You created a design frenzy! I’m so glad to finally see the outside of the home…as magnificent as the interior. Love too much to mention, but the top of the staircase jumped out at me this morning. Thanks for posting the article. Congratualtions!


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