A trip to the farm

Hi all!  I went to visit my parents at our family farm in south Alabama and I shot a few pictures along the way.  It is such a fun place to gather and hang out for our family and friends.  They built the home during my senior year of college at Auburn.  They hired one of my professors from the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction at Auburn, Gaines Blackwell.  I always loved Gaines as a professor and learned so much from him about design.  He creates beautiful places and we are lucky to enjoy one of them!  I thought you might enjoy a look around!


The driveway out to the farmhouse. Our farmhouse is located on my parents sod farm.

A shot of the field.

I am approaching the house.  We love to sit around the fire in the adirondack chairs on a crisp fall day.

Welcome home! The home is classic farm house style. It is built of cedar and stained a warm taupe with white trim.

I love to stay in the guest house. It is like a taking a little vacation!

from the front porch you can take the gravel path to the bocce court. We love a game of bocce in our family!

8 thoughts on “A trip to the farm

  1. Dearest Paige, Thank you for your most kind comments and for recommending me . I grew up on a cotton farm near Selma so Kinston felt like home. Anne and Andy were perfect to work with, always hospitable and good critics too, it takes all of us to make a good place. Now I need to go down and do them a neat barn but want you to be there too. Great blog and website.




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