Forest Hills Gardens New York

Hi Paige here! Market in New York was great! We went on a little tour through Forest Hills Gardens in Queens and I wanted to share a few photos. It is a beautiful little community founded in 1908. Most homes are brick Tudor or Georgian homes(which I love!). It was one of the first planned commuities in the US. Our shop is in Rosemary Beach which is derived from some of the same ideas as Forest Hills Gardens. Fredrick Law Olmstead Jr. designed Forest Hills Gardens. His father, Fredrick Law Olmstead, designed many places in America that we all know and love such as, Central Park in New York City. Here are a few photos I took on our drive.

5 thoughts on “Forest Hills Gardens New York

  1. I haven’t been up to Forest Hills Gardens, but the style of homes very much reminds me of Princeton, NJ (another place you should check out if you’re in the area and have the time — and if you do, make sure you go for some ice cream at Bent Spoon there).


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