lake house family room

Hey everyone, it’s Doug.  We spend a lot of time on the blog showing you projects we’ve already completed, but we forget sometimes to let you see projects that are just kicking off.  Yesterday we placed an order for a house on a private lake near Birmingham…our clients bought the house unfurnished and  only have two or three pieces of furniture they want to use in the house, so we’re largely starting from scratch. The home features a great combination kitchen/dining/family room area overlooking the lake and I thought you might like to see the piece we’ve selected for this area. We started with this great sofa from Lee Industries which was already in our inventory.

I remember when Lee first debuted this sofa on their website…Paige and I both called each other and said “have you seen the new Lee sofa with the nailheads and the swoopy sides?!” (we talk like that a lot to each other).  Paige ordered one for us to put in our Rosemary Beach shop in almost the same charcoal brown fabric pictured above.

With this sofa we’ve paired two vintage-French inspired leather club chairs,  also from Lee Industries.

We honestly don’t use leather very often.  The house in question though has a very Frenchy/European vibe to it already so these chairs felt like a nice compliment to the mood of the home.  Leather is also a very durable and practical choice at the lake!

To keep things from feeling too heavy with the dark sofa and leather chairs, I selected an upholstered cocktail ottoman from Lee, which is going to be covered in a nubby burlap-like linen.  Besides being a great place to put your feet up (this area will be the tv watching space in the home), we find that our clients’ kids always end up sprawled out on the top of ottomans like this.

I added a row of oversized pewter nailhead trim around the base of the ottoman to add some detail to the piece.  Once the ottoman is placed we’ll add a big tray to sit drink and magazines on.

We’ll also be adding some antique barley twist side tables and this pair of mis-matched floor lamps, both from Visual Comfort.

A simple and durable cotton-bound seagrass rug will ground this seating group.  We’ll be sure to post photos once this room is put together so stay tuned.

Comfort and durability are the most important things when outfitting a room that will receive lots of use like this family room will.  All of the pieces pictured above are available through Tracery so let us know if your family room could benefit from some new furnishings–we’d love to help!

7 thoughts on “lake house family room

  1. agreed…wonderful sofa. the nail heads and the great lines make it a beauty. Doug, it’s nice to see the process towards the beginning. we look forward to more glimpses of the on-going project.

    best, Donna


  2. I swear Lee has the best lines of upholstered furniture. Their pieces are the perfect combination of classic and fresh. Can’t wait to see the finished project!


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