Food & Wine feature

Food & Wine magazine contacted us a few months ago regarding the kitchen of a home at Lake Martin that we’ve shared with you before on our blog.  Earlier this summer photographer Jean Allsopp spent a day shooting the kitchen (and the rest of the house too) and today we’re excited to finally share the results with you!  This kitchen is one of our favorites we’ve ever designed and it’s such an honor for it to be featured in a publication as prestigious as Food & Wine —


[click images to enlarge — courtesy Food & Wine, photography by Jean Allsopp]

12 thoughts on “Food & Wine feature

  1. Love the library steps in the Pantry and the symmetry of the two worksurfaces in the kitchen. I also like the fact that it isn’t obvious which country the kitchen is in. Doesn’t look too American apart from it is BIG. Looks more European to me. I’m 6ft so getting into my high cupboards isn’t usually a problem but the ladders look great.One down side is that the kids would get to my secret chocolate supply which two of them just can’t reach at the moment!


  2. Paige,

    Amy saw the article in her Food and Wine magazine this weekend and she called to tell me about it. She and I both like your work and are happy you have been featured. Congratulations.


  3. Paige….I see Mama already told you…but I was so excited to see your beautiful work in one of my favorite magazines. I almost knocked over my wine glass to show Scott. So proud of you!


  4. thanks for sharing! that kitchen is stunning and has so many beautiful elements. your designs always take my breath away! they are always so sophisticated, and elegant, yet modern and comfortable at the same time. bravo!


  5. I absolutely swooned when I saw this kitchen in Food & Wine yesterday. It’s absolutely a dream. I’m so thrilled I found my way over here too — I’m really taken by your work and blogging style.


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