Paige featured in VIE this month

[our friend Stephanie Nichols appears on the cover of this summer’s VIE magazine in a great story about her stylish clothing boutique, Deja-vu]

Our blog readers who don’t live near or visit the beautiful part of Walton County, Florida that we call home might not be familiar with VIE magazine.  According to the magazine’s website “VIE is a French word meaning ‘life’ or ‘way of living.’  VIE sets itself apart as a Northwest Florida regional, high-gloss publication focusing on human interest stories and celebrating the ‘people and places’ ” in the area roughly between Apalachicola and Pensacola.  The first time we picked up a copy of VIE we were immediately impressed with its quality of content, photography and just what an overall good looking magazine it is!

We’re honored this month because Tracery’s very own Paige Schnell is featured in a great piece that focuses not only on Paige and her family but also Tracery’s work in general.  The article appears below and you can click [here] to read this summer’s entire issue of VIE from cover to cover online.  Enjoy!





[click to enlarge each image]  Images courtesy Vie, text by Eleanor Lynn Nesmith, photography by Jean Allsopp, Michael Granberry, Sheila Goode]

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