our room at the Designer Showhouse for the Arts….revealed!

We’ve been teasing you with photos of our room at this year’s Designer Showhouse for the Arts for a few days now.  We’re excited once again to be a part of the Showhouse.  Each year a house along Scenic Highway 30-A is selected to be the location for the Showhouse.  The 2010 house is located in Seaside, Florida.  Seaside is considered to be beginning of the New Urbanist movement.  The home is owned by the founders of Seaside, Robert and Daryl Davis.  Robert designed the home for his family.  The proceeds from the tickets sales from this year’s event, and a portion of the goods sold, go to benefit the Cultural Arts Association (CAA).  The CAA is the umbrella arts organization for Walton County.

Our room in this year’s Showhouse is the library.  The library is located on the second floor and overlooks the living space below.  Each Designer was asked to find a person or persons from the past 100 years as the inspiration of their room.  Paige selected Truman Capote and Harper Lee.  Both were/are authors and lovers of books.  Truman Capote grew up in South Alabama as did Paige! Capote and Lee were neighbors and best friends when they grew up in Monroeville, Alabama.  Throughout the room you will see hints to our inspiration.  It added a layer of personality and whimsy to the room.

The Library has 3 distinct parts.  Let’s start in the seating area which we’ve named Truman’s Corner.  This area is located at the far end of the room.  The 4 chairs and upholstered ottoman give the room a warm cozy feel.  The Chairs and Ottoman are from Lee Industries (available through Tracery).   Under the seating group is the beautiful antique rug from Paige Albright Orientals in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

The drapery panels soften the room and add a level of drama.  Paige custom designed the striped drapes using 2 and white and black linen and cotton fabric. The black and white colors were inspired by Truman Capote’s famous black and white parties!

[a scene from one of Truman Capote’s black and white parties, via here]

The antique console table serves as the bar for this cozy respite.  The room is ready for Truman to come in and make a martini!  The bust lamps from Barbara Cosgrove (available through Tracery) are one male and one female another hint to our inspirations.  The vintage decanters add a bit of a feeling of a by-gone era…  The Justin Gaffrey painting with the black background adds the last bit of drama needed for this area.

OK…. Let’s talk fabric and pattern.  The chairs are in ‘Kennland Green’ from Lee.  The pillows are custom made 22” pillows.  The fabric is Schumacher ‘Ming Dragon’  The drapes are a black and a white fabric sewn to create the dramatic horizontal stripes.  The ottoman is in a faux white leather.  We do not like “faux” usually but with this it allows easy cleaning and durability needed in a white ottoman.  The rug adds the last bit of pattern and color.  We like to mix unexpected patterns and colors together.  It gives the room a warm unique feel.

Stay tuned for our next showhouse post!

13 thoughts on “our room at the Designer Showhouse for the Arts….revealed!

  1. beautiful! I especially love the creativity with the black and white drapes and those bust lamps! Looking forward to seeing more….when is this house open? My friend is in Seaside now and I want her to go by!


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