[tracery tips] some of our favorite design books

[photo of the library space at our 11 Bonita Drive project, designed in conjunction with John Bryan Hopkins; photo by Colleen Duffley]

We don’t have to tell you, design blog reader, that there are a lot of really great decorating and design books out there today.  A stack of beautiful hardcover design books is a great accessory for any coffee table or ottoman and can provide hours of page-turning inspiration.  Here are  a few of our favorites that we think you shouldn’t be without.

1.  The New French Decor by Michelle Lalande

Living comfortably with timeless and beautiful objects is one of our goals when designing a space so this books definitely speaks to us.  It’s filled with beautiful vignettes and wonderful ideas on how to display collections.  Available [here]

2.  Kelly Hoppen Home:  From Concept to Reality by Kelly Hoppen

Written by British designer Kelly Hoppen, this book is filled with images of Hoppen’s interiors projects which blend rustic antiques with modern details and unique details.  The book outlines Hoppen’s design process and offers a lot of good insight into how a project develops.  Available [here]

3.  Axel Vervoordt:  Timeless Interiors by Armel Baron

Given the rise of interest in all things Belgian over the past few years, this book has become a sort of design bible.  Lots of inspirational images here, a must for anyone who loves clean lined upholstery paired with moody character-filled spaces.   Available [here]

4.  Liaigre by Christian Liaigre

Even if you don’t open this book, you’ll love to own it because it will look so good sitting on your coffee table!  Inside though you’ll find incredible photography of Chrstian Liaigre’s sleek and minimalist interiors.  Available [here]

5.  Suzanne Kasler:  Inspired Interiors by Suzanne Kasler

When we opened this book, we realized how many of Suzanne Kasler’s beautiful projects we’ve clipped from magazines over time and placed in our inspiration folders.  We also spotted a few items that Suzanne had purchased from our shop too!  Available [here]

6.  Domino:  The Book of Decorating by Deborah Needleman

Everyone’s beloved favorite Domino may be gone, but many of the beautiful images showcased in the ground-breaking magazine live on in this must have book.  Available [here]

7.  Seaside Style by Eleanor Lynn Nesmith

This book showcases some of the most beloved homes in the town that started the New Urbanist movement (and which happens to be our neighbor just down Scenic Highway 30-A from our homebase of Rosemary Beach).  Written by our friend Lynn Nesmith it’s a fun peak inside homes that anyone who’s ever vacationed in Seaside will recognize.  Available [here]

8.  The French Country House by Christiane De Nicolay-Mazery

We picked this book up the other day when we were at Henhouse Antiques in Birmingham, and we couldn’t put it back down.  It features lots of great images of classic but comfortable French Country spaces.  Available [here]

9.  The Home Within Us by Bobby McAlpine

Everyone is talking about this book right now.  Our favorite part is the feature on Bobby’s own home in Montgomery, which shows how he’s redecorated and re-imagined the same space several times over the years.  It’s fun to watch his Salon progress from white and crisp to dark and cozy as you flip the pages.  There are lots of other wonderful images from several of the firm’s other projects too.  Available [here]

10.  American Modern

We love Thomas O’Brien’s work and his furniture and lighting collections–many of which we carry.  This book is a convenient collection of some of O’Brien’s best work, all in one place.  Available [here]

Do you have a favorite design book that we missed?  Share it with us…we’d love to hear what you’re reading!

[all images via our friends at Books A Million]

7 thoughts on “[tracery tips] some of our favorite design books

  1. Love that library. The books, grouped by color make such a statement in that neutral space. On my list right now are New Paris Interiors and Le Corbusier Le Grand, but I’ll take a few of yours, too, please!


  2. Jonathan Adler’s book is always a reminder to me to have fun when designing. One of the few coffee table books that is as fun to read as to look at the pictures.


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