Hey Tracery Blog readers, it’s Doug–

Hydrangeas are one of our favorite flowers…they are simple, natural and unfussy–exemplifying many of the characteristics we admire in anything we find to be beautiful.  Right now here in Birmingham, they are everywhere!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so pretty as they are this summer.  The hedgerow that separates my house from the ones on the street behind me is accented every few yards with huge old bright blue hydrangeas that were planted long before I lived here.

Just outside my back door there’s a big oak leaf hydrangea that’s bursting with white cone-shaped blossoms.

Of course I couldn’t resist clipping some branches and bringing them inside to enjoy.

We’ve used hydrangeas many times for photoshoots in our clients’ homes too, often cut right from the yard!  Here are a few more photos of hydrangeas from our portfolio:

11 thoughts on “hydrangea

  1. they are one of my favorites too. I have 4 in my yard, but they are limelights so they haven’t bloomed yet. I keep on having the urge to stop at someones house and just cut a few.


  2. I love all the Hydrangas! My husband keeps ours in pots on our deck and front porch. He moves the pots indoors during the winter and brings them back out for summer.


  3. I like the oak leaf hydranga. It isn’t one I’ve seen before.
    My neighbour has a row of 5 hydrangas and just one is pink! As he doesn’t add anything to the soil we have had many a discussion about what could be under it. Our answers vary between odd and sinister!!


  4. Doug-
    I am SO jealous! My favorite flower…not a good thing when you live in south Texas…and you can only buy them…for $5-10 a stem! At least I can look at yours…great pictures. I tell you, between your remodeled bathroom and kitchen and these hydrangeas…you might be living in my dream home!


  5. Hydrangeas are my FAVORITES. You are so lucky to have mature ones on your property! My parents have dozens all around their bay house, a few of which were from my wedding (they were in urns for the ceremony) and we call them the “wedding hydrangeas”. I just received 2 baby hydrangeas in the mail as an anniversary present from my mom and I can’t wait to plant them at our house!


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