[in the kitchen] Bess’ key lime pie

Bess here, forever & a day ago my Mother gave me my first cookbook when I moved off to college. I grew up in the kitchen with both my mother & grandmother, but she wanted to be sure I had a tool to get me through that first year away. That cookbook is where I discovered what has become my ‘signature dessert’-this light, sweet & tangy frozen piece of limey heaven. I have ever so slightly tweaked the recipe over the years. They tell you to make your own crust…seriously?! Who has time for that anymore? haha. I have also learned that I like the ‘fluffiness’ I get when I whisk in the Cool Whip verses folding it in. If you want to get fancy purchase the individual sized graham cracker crusts. It’s summer time & the living is easy-just like this pie! Whip one up and enjoy it with a few of your favorite people on your back porch, grassy lawn, on the beach or on the couch.

Click [More] for the printable recipe.

key lime pie

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