It’s been a fast paced start to Summer 2010 for everyone here at Tracery. We know our blogging has been a little sparse, so enjoy a few images from one of our designer’s recent shopping trips. Collections of vintage/antique items can be so intriguing in a space and are such a true reflection of one’s self.  Did you know that Paige collects Old Boxes and Bess collects vintage Milk Glass pieces?

We thought this was an interesting grouping [below]?! Had to throw it in there for a little laugh.


What do you collect?



3 thoughts on “collectible

  1. I hate to dust, so I have never collected anything that is just decorative. I collect silver napkin rings, esp if they are old and have other people’s initials or names on them! I don’t mind collecting something that is useful. Thanks for sharing these fun pictures!


  2. I collect white English ironstone and have a great mismatched set accumulating. All the pieces work together and can go with any decorating scheme…and I love the different patterns. I find the pieces at estate sales and garage sales…so inexpensive! It’s weird…people want to throw them out because “they’re just plain white dishes”…more for me!
    Thinking of you all often and praying you stay oil free.


  3. I start collecting something and then I get bored with it. I used to collect tea pots, and then I realized I was 25 years old and too young to be collecting tea pots. Now I’m collecting old oil paintings for a hallway collage. The first comment makes me laugh because I am super allergic to dust,my eyes always swell, but I collect anyway.


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