seeing double

[prints in Pensacola, Florida]

Bess was killing time in Pensacola this past Monday and stumbled upon the beautiful display above. We love how they hung these tree prints on each side of a corner to create an unexpected focal point. What a great idea! These prints are so amazing & are part of a numbered series which means there are only so many… these pictures do no justice to their magnificent antiqued mirrored frames and the detailed line work of the tree drawings. Its a four part series of the same tree in each season: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Each measures 26″Wx33 1/4″H and retails at $1716.00 for each print. Feel free to email us at shop[at]traceryinteriors[dot]com or call 850.231.6755 for more info!

[prints in our Rosemary Beach Shop]

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