thinking outside of the box

The passing of Spring Break has left an exciting energy behind here in Rosemary Beach and we took full charge of it to get the Shop back in order. Sometimes we just have to dig in and take a full day to put it all back together like a giant puzzle. This always involves a little ‘thinking outside of the box’ because we love to keep you all on your toes. Lots of thinking & lots of boxes!

The best way to add character to a grouping is to incorporate vintage finds. This bright yellow box has a million possibilities. It’s charming here combined  with the old tool box & rusty tackle box. It could be even more charming as a small toy box. And imagine the possibilities if it had a table base! [vintage yellow box $89, rusty tackle box $35, metal tool box $79]


This vintage box hails from Birmingham’s The Lamsons & Sessions Co. and is oozing with charm. It would make a great planter indoors or out. It could be filled with fire wood by the hearth or magazines by a sofa. We love the idea of using it as a safe place to show off all of the ocean’s treasures we have in stock. [vintage Lamson & Sessions Co. Box $98]

A pair of boxes were the perfect touch to this dining center piece. Roast Beef….its what’s for dinner! This small box would be a great way to keep cook books in one place or to store countertop produce. The larger box below would also make a great planter or catch-all. [roast beef vintage box $39, Product of Netherlands vintage box $75]

Lets be honest-sometimes in life things don’t always work 100% the way we plan them to. Sometimes we just need a little boost here or a few more inches there. Vintage wooden box to the rescue!

What would YOU do with our vintage wood boxes?

5 thoughts on “thinking outside of the box

  1. People always complain about the storage place. Sometimes it is very easy to find the “right box” for the “right thing”… I like especially the vintage box. I would use it for storing my jewellery and other bits and pieces. It can be good to cover the bottom of the box with some soft linen fabric… oh, I like the idea!


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