Doug’s bedroom

Hey everybody, it’s Doug…back with a few more photos of my house.  My house continues to be a work in progress and this room is probably the most ‘not complete’ of any of them, but since you’ve seen pretty much everything else inside my tiny 530 square foot attached bungalow I figured it was time to let you see this room too.

My bedroom is a long and narrow space…almost too long for the space which is surprising because when I first heard about this place I figured I’d be dealing with a tiny 10×10 bedroom.  At any rate, the room is big enough for not only a bed and dresser, but also a chair which is a nice ‘extra’ place to sit and relax in the house.  My bedding, pictured above, is from Dwell Studio (available through Tracery).  The piece over my bed (which is begging for a big white lacquered frame!) is actually by my brother, graphic designer and artist Ryan Davis, and was a Christmas gift a few years ago. 

I really struggled with deciding if I was going to paint this room the same color as the rest of the house–and even after moving in I have debated painting it a pale grey–but for now it’s Benjamin Moore ‘China White’ just like everything else–trim, walls, ceiling and millwork.  I did balance all the white in here with charcoal grey cotton drapes.  The drapes are pulled back with vintage ties that I inherited from my wonderful uncle–a very snappy dresser–who passed away a couple of years ago…I rarely (okay, never!) wear a tie so I thought this would be a much more useful way to enjoy the them everyday.

Opposite the bed wall is my dresser and the chair I mentioned earlier.  The dresser is actually part of my mom’s baby furniture…it survived in my grandparents’ house and later my parents’ barn for years until I rescued it in college and refinished it (it used to be bright orange maple and very shiny with big wooden knobs). I’ve never sealed the new finish so it’s slowly rubbing off over time and gaining a really nice patina.   I love having family pieces like this in my home.  I found the Mission-style rocker at a vintage store in Irondale, Alabama not too far from where I live…it need some serious reupholstery work (I’m thinking white crocodile vinyl for the seat!) at some point, but for now it’s hanging in there as-is.

In my old apartment I covered one wall of my Living Room from floor to ceiling with frames and made a giant collage of photos I’d taken in my travels.  In this house I went with a much more scaled-down version of this idea, but mixed in three pairs of vintage antlers for something a little different.


Probably the smartest, most space-saving/storage-making feature that was accomplished in the entire renovation of my house is this wall of cabinetry which replaces a pretty lousy little bedroom closet and even tinier hall closet that existed here previously.  The left side has two hanging rods for shirts and pants and the doors and drawers on the right hold all of my out-of-season clothes plus office supplies, shoes, and various other items that won’t fit anywhere else in the house.  I LOVE having all of this storage…this wall of cabinets is probably the only thing that made it possible for me to downsize from 1100 square feet to 530 without giving away most of everything I owned.

The bell jar fixture hanging in the center of the room is a great little money saving secret we like to employ occsasionaly…at $269 it looks a lot more expensive than its price tag implies, and since it’s almost always in stock you can usually have one in a few days.  Get your own here.  As with every bedroom we design, I had a recessed can light on a dimmer switch installed in each corner of the room.

19 thoughts on “Doug’s bedroom

  1. Living in a Victorian house with very little storage (don’t suppose they had as many possessions in those days or hung on to things quite as much as we do now)the cabinets relly appeal


  2. Looks great Doug.

    I must say I’m quite intrigued by your comment related to always placing can lights in the corners. This sounds like a great post in your tips series. I’d certainly enjoy hearing the details about this one.


    • Oh, it’s a pretty quick tip…we like recessed can lights (4″ diameter and NO BIGGER) in all four corners of a bedroom or living room, dimmable of course, keeps the corners from getting too dark and they supplement the overhead light from a center fixture. In a bedroom that must have a ceiling fan, it keeps from having to employ the dreaded light kit (which is NEVER okay)


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