Paige’s Living Room

A lot of our readers have been asking to see more of Tracery principal Paige Schnell’s Seagrove Beach, Florida home, and today we are glad to deliver:

Hi, Paige here!  Welcome to my living room.  You have seen my dining room [here] and my kitchen [here].  I live in a Florida Cottage with a central living, dining, and kitchen.  The color scheme is white, chocolate, and grass green.  The green appears in the dining room in the most prominent way in the lacquered antique hutch,  but also makes an appearance in my living room in pillows and the drapes. 

My family spends a lot of time in our living room, so a space that is beautiful as well as comfortable is a must.  When I started shooting pictures today for the blog Lucy, our dog, decided that she wanted to be a blog star!  I tried to get her to move but she was not having that. 

One thing I love is mixing new items with vintage and antique pieces.  All of these elements are found in my living room.  The sectional is a modern chocolate brown armless sectional with stainless steel legs.  The chocolate brown contrasts the white washed wood walls.  Above the sofa is a collection of vintage frames with art that we have collected from our travels.  My mom is a true scavenger.  She found all the frames for me at thrift stores, my grandmother’s house, and rummage sales.  Thanks Mom!  The frames look great empty or full so it is a fun way to have a wall of memories that keeps on growing!  The chair and ottoman is a linen slipcovered chair from Lee Industries (available through Tracery).   To complete the room is an antique butcher block coffee table, vintage side tables, and a floor lamp with a faux bois lamp shade.  To anchor the room I selected a wool shag rug which adds a layer of softness and another texture. 

To add the grass green color to the living room I found the drape fabric from Rauol Textiles and then added the coral pillows from Pablo Mekis (both also available at Tracery).  The pillows and fabric also add little pieces of the beach to the room.  On the coffee table you will see a collection of vintage boxes–I love collecting boxes!  The boxes on the end table all vintage boxes.  Don’t you wish this is what our packaging looked like when you go grocery shopping today?

9 thoughts on “Paige’s Living Room

  1. Your living room looks so welcoming, so comfortable.
    Lucy!! You look just like the wonderful, sweet dog that our sons grew up with. What a great dog!


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