April showers

The goal of many bathroom renovations that we design is to create a bigger and better outfitted shower area.  In one Mountain Brook, Alabama we designed the interior renovation and addition for, each bedroom suite is complimented with an adjacent bathroom.  In each, well-appointed showers play a prominent role.

In the home’s Master Bathroom we went for total luxury and covered the walls in slabs of honed Carrara Bianca marble.  By using whole slabs we eliminated all but a few grout joints and most importantly, allowed the beautiful veining of the stone to be on full display.

2″ hexagonal tiles in the same variety of marble line the floor and ceiling and cover the inside of niches recessed into the wall.

The roof framing over this part of the house prohibited the barrel-vaulted ceiling we’d originally designed for the space, so in order to still accommodate the rainhead style shower fixture our clients requested, we had the fixture recessed up into the ceiling.

Upstairs in another bathroom, we used a tile typically found on floors as a unique wainscoting material instead.

The blue grey pennyround tile is a fun accent to the otherwise sedate scheme of this shower.  In any large shower we like to always include a handshower which makes keeping the shower clean much easier.  The basketweave honed marble floor extends into the rest of the bathroom.

We’d originally planned a traditional tub/shower combination in another bathroom in this home but as construction began our clients decided on a walk-in shower instead.  Using the same space that had been allocated for the tub, we designed a shower with a full glass wall dividing it from the rest of the bathroom.

This design solution would work in any setting where space doesn’t allow for a larger shower.  We had the high windows in this shower cased in tile rather than use wood trim which could become damaged over time.

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