build it in

So many of our clients with children always include a space that is devoted to all things kid: video games, movies, board games, toys , sleepovers, and arts & crafts. These spaces are often titled: Bunk Rooms, Kids Dens, Media Rooms & so much more. We believe that the most quintessential aspect to incorporate into these spaces are built-in beds. Whether they be one story or two, built-ins create a great place for children to play, lounge or snooze.

In the 2009  Southern Living Tarpon Run Idea House in the Cinnamon Shore development on the coast of Texas, we incorporated built-in beds in a type of ‘train car’ manner.  Each bunk is equipped with its own switched light, coat/robe hook and offers night-time privacy with dividing walls and a personal curtain. [Photo by Laurey W. Glenn for  Southern Living].

In this private residence located at The Retreat along Scenic Highway 30A, we designed a built-in bed that doubles as a sofa for ‘movie time’. With two custom upholstered twin mattress installed length wise there is plenty of room for lots of little ones to pile in or the curtains can be pulled and two children [or more] can sleep comfortably. There are hidden sconces mounted at each end to offer task/reading lighting if necessary. Also, you can never have too much storage so we designed this built-in to have 4 large drawers underneath that are ideal for toys, games or luggage. [Photo by Michael Granberry].

6 thoughts on “build it in

  1. I saw a great house last week – the basement had been finished, and there was a bunk room with built in beds (4 twins). Instead of a drywall on one side, it was a wall of steel doors (inside) – it was beautiful. The exercise room was across the hall, also with a wall of steel doors, but these were mirrored so the bunk room didn’t have to look into the exercise room!


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