everything in its place

Tucked beneath the back stairs of a home we designed at Lake Martin is where you’ll find this well organized home office space.  Although this is a vacation house, one of the homeowners–a busy mom–requested a place to check e-mail, take care of family business while on an extended stay and to have some space away from the communal family areas elsewhere in the home.

Paige and Anna Kay worked with Birmingham-based Burnham’s Fine Cabinetry to design a series of storage cubbies surrounding a bulletin board space that tucks into the sloped area beneath the stairs.  A walnut desk surface is suspended below.  A built-in credenza on the opposite wall conceals a printer and provides some closed storage.

Doug made a trip around Birmingham one day to collect a full range of supplies to outfit the office.  Rather than hide away items like rubberbands, paperclips and post-it notes; he placed the items in glass jars with latching tops.  Small hanging tags keep everything labeled and in the proper place.  In the top cubbies Doug tied bundles of envelopes with twine and placed a distressed metal box from our shop in the center.

These fun glass jars are from World Market.  We love their classic look and think they are great for storage in kitchens and pantries and that they look equally as good in an office setting like this.  Once, we even filled them with pebbles and votive candles and used them to decorate tables at a party for a lake home development.  A very versatile find–and available in several sizes!

5 thoughts on “everything in its place

  1. Practical and good looking! Recently I saw someone put even light bulbs in a jar similar to those, except much bigger. Even they looked good in a glass jar!


  2. What a great idea. I have a closet under my stairs that is filled with everything under the sun! Love your blog (this is my 1st time commenting!


  3. Hello! Could you tell me what sheen of paint was used on the shiplap of the walls? Doing this in our family room and don’t know the answer! Thanks!


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