spring things

At our Rosemary Beach studio and shop it’s been clear for a couple of weeks now that spring has finally arrived.  The streets of Rosemary Beach are once again busy with visitors who have come to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Scenic Highway 30A area.  Paige, Anna Kay and Bess have enjoyed meeting so many blog readers who’ve stopped by our shop already this season…if you haven’t made our way yet, please be sure to stop by and say hello when you do!

At our other design studio in Birmingham, one of the coldest winters anyone can remember is finally giving way to a beautiful spring.

Inspired by the soft pink hues of the tulip tree blooming in Doug’s front yard, here are a few rooms from our portfolio which display the soft colors of springtime.

This bedroom in a home we designed at Lake Martin is full of the soft pink and white tones that signal the start of spring.  The pink linen drapery bring subtle color the white-painted planked walls.  The Oly Studio bed features rafia-upholstered panels which partner with the jute rug to add texture to the space.  Coincidentally, the subject matter of the Justin Gaffrey piece Paige and Anna Kay selected to hang over the bed is one of our favorite spring flowers–daffodils.

Pink and white figures into the color scheme of this Auburn, Alabama home as well.  We’ve shared these photos on the blog before, but we thought they were too pretty to not include in this post too.  [photos by Colleen Duffley]

In the Master Bedroom of this same home, pale blue create a peaceful feeling that reminds us of the clear springtime sky.  [photo by Colleen Duffley]

Pale springtime pink just tinges the edges of the antique Italian carving Doug discovered and placed on the mantle of this Mountain Brook, Alabama home.  [photo by Colleen Duffley]

Colors inspired by spring don’t have to be subtle.  In the children’s play area in the Southern Living Idea House we designed, stripes of pink, green and blue create a playful and fun atmosphere.  Bedding, pillows and beanbags in the same tones create a unified feeling in the space that’s inviting any time of year.  [photo by Laurey W Glenn for Southern Living]


If you haven’t already left a comment to be entered to win a journal from our shop, covered in a fun Thomas Paul print, make sure you do.  The contest ends Sunday, March 28 at 7pm central.  Have a great weekend everyone — enjoy the spring weather!

7 thoughts on “spring things

  1. Do you know the color paint used in the bedroom with the 3 floral pillows and referenced below?
    In the Master Bedroom of this same home, pale blue create a peaceful feeling that reminds us of the clear springtime sky.


    • We’re sorry, we cant’ disclose details of or work we do for our clients. The color more than likely was a custom blend anyway, so it’s difficult to say exactly what it is.

      Benjamin Moore’s ‘Woodlawn Blue’ is a great pale shade, take a look at that color.



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