champagne bucket orchid pot

Hey everyone, Doug here.  I wanted to share a project I completed at my house recently.  Our Birmingham seamstress, Rachel, is also an accomplished florist (what a great set of skills to have, huh?) and she’s remarked to me on more than one occasion that the light in my living room is perfect for orchids.  I’m a big fan of orchids, though admittedly I tend to kill them.  A few weeks ago I was browsing a local second hand store when I came across a great vintage champagne bucket.  Having an Eddie Ross-inspired moment, I bought it and decided to take the chance on placing an orchid inside of it.  After a quick trip down the street to Leaf and Petal in Mountain Brook Village, here’s the result…

I placed the champagne bucket turned orchid pot on the vintage cabinet that serves as the bar in my living room (a fitting place for it, I thought).  Sometimes a good tablescape needs something living to complete the look and provided I don’t kill the orchid too quickly, I think this is the perfect finishing touch to this part of my home.  The vintage eagle hanging above the mirror, by the way, is from my favorite Etsy shop High Street Market.

I’m sure a purist would cringe at the sight of tarnished silverplate, but I actually prefer the urn like that.  I am not a fan of anything too shiny and I like the way the patina of the silver pairs with the mirror I had antiqued.  The cool faux bois pot, by the way, is from Oly Studio and is of course available through Tracery.

10 thoughts on “champagne bucket orchid pot

  1. Doug – Looks great! I love orchids but surely I’d kill one, too.

    I personally love the look of tarnished silver. It shows a bit of history, like “look where I’ve been”. I hung a tarnished platter up on my black art wall and love that it!


  2. Love it, what a great way to up-cycle something! As for the orchid care, keep it in bright light, water when it’s 2/3 dry-stick it in the sink and let lukewarm water run through and through, let it drip-dry and put it back in the champagne bucket. Enjoy! *Amy


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