new Theory by Tracery stools

We’re excited to announce that a new batch of our Theory by Tracery stools are now available for purchase.  Theory is our signature furniture line, each year we have a very limited quantity of these pieces hand-crafted by local artisans from antique materials.  The designs are our own and these pieces sell very quickly each time we have them available.  We have just received eight  Theory Stool and have them in our Birmingham office at the moment.  They’ll soon be traveling to our shop at Rosemary Beach but we thought we’d go ahead and offer them for sale while they’re in Birmingham.  All eight of these beautiful stools are crafted from a single reclaimed timber, the tops are sanded and waxed and the sides are left raw.

Theory Stools obviously make great occasional seating.  They are 20″ high (chair height) and about 12″ square.  These pieces also work well as side tables or simply as sculptural elements in a space.


No two stools are exactly alike, but as you can see the heights are consistent so they can easily be used in groupings.  These stools retail for $750 each.  They are available for a limited time in our Birmingham office and we can also bring a few over to Atlanta next week.  After that the stools are headed to our shop and as we said, they’ll go very fast and may not be available again this year.

If you’re interested in a Theory Stool (or 2, or 4!) let us know ASAP, e-mail shop [at] traceryinteriors [dot] com or call us at (850)231-6755.

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