[tracery tips] cabinet hardware

It’s time for the third installment of our [tracery tips] series and today we’re focusing on cabinet hardware.  Before we share our recommendations, here are a few guidelines we generally follow (of course there are exceptions).  Typically, we like to use pulls on large drawers, knobs on smaller drawers and knobs on cabinet doors.  We’re always on the lookout for specialty hardware that we can use when the situation fits, suchas file card label pulls or recessed pulls.  Often, we’ll use two or three different types of hardware on the same section of cabinets–we think it’s more important to have proportionately sized hardware in relation to the door or drawer it corresponds to–and we like the variety of having a couple different styles of hardware used together. 

[a mix of hardware in a Mountain Brook, Alabama home we designed]

Of course we use the same finish for everything when mixing knobs and pulls (although we do occasionally mix glass knobs with metal pulls).

There is a HUUUUUGE selection of cabinet hardware available.  Naturally, we love the authenticity of European made hardware but we just as often find ourselves shopping at Antropologie or Restoration Hardware when outfitting a house.  Regardless of how much it costs, we prefer hardware that’s classic and rooted in tradition, but with a unfussy aesthetic that matches our signature style.  We’ve sorted our recommendations below into two categories, Knobs & Latches,  and Pulls.  We’ve provided web links for each item, though some are available To the Trade Only.

Knobs & Latches

1.  Traditional Clear Glass Knob — Restoration Hardware

2.  Hanson Knob — Restoration Hardware

3.  Lipstick Knob — Rocky Mountain Hardware

4.  Coiled Rope Knob — Anthropologie

5.  5201 Knob — Bouvet

6.  Adeline Knob — Restoration Hardware

7.  Mercury Glass Melon Knob — Anthropologie

8.  Mushroom Cabinet Knob — Rocky Mountain Hardware

9.  Duluth Knob — Restoration Hardware

10. Cabinet Catch — VanDyke’s Restorers




1.  Cabinet Drop Pull — Rocky Mountain Hardware

2.  Aubrey Pull — Restoration Hardware

3.  Duluth Pull — Restoration Hardware

4.  128mm Pull Bar Pull — Amerock

5.  Chatham Pull — Restoration Hardware

6.  Front Mount Sash Cabinet Pull — Rocky Mountain Hardware

7.  Elexia Pull — Anthropologie

8.  Label Holder Pull — VanDyke’s Restorers

9.  5001 Drop Pull — Bouvet

10. 5008 Drop Pull — Bouvet

[all images courtesy of their respective owners]

23 thoughts on “[tracery tips] cabinet hardware

  1. what do you think about mixing different kinds of the same knob material? like using different vintage glass knobs in a similar size, but not actually matching?


  2. I absolutely LOVE knobs….they are like collecting chocolate candies!!
    Being I’m in the midst of doing 2 bathrooms, I do
    recognize many of these amazing knobs…my fav
    is Restoration Hardware, they always have timeless pieces.


  3. Is there anyway you wuld be willing to update this? Many of the Restoration Hardware pulls and knobs are no longer available. But, you have such great taste and I’m in the process of painting my kitchen cabinets and need new hardware. Thanks so much! Love your blog!


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