girls getaway weekend

Did you know that Rosemary Beach hosts a ‘Girls’ Getaway Weekend’ every year on Super Bowl weekend as an opportunity for women of all ages to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some quality time with girlfriends old and new?  Each year Tracery puts together a special vignette just for these ladies to enjoy in Town Hall during their Check-In Reception and to let them know that we are excited they are in town.  Everyone at our Rosemary Beach office has taken a turn at designing the vignette and this year  Bess took on the challenge.   She designed this whimsical space for the working woman, mother, or techno-queen to sit and collect her thoughts.  In this space perhaps she could pen a letter, plan a menu or write in her journal. This was a space where you would turn off the cell phone and step away from the computer for a moment of relaxation and reflection–surrounded by a few of your favorite things.

For more information on Rosemary Beach’s Girls’ Getaway Weekend, click [here].

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