[5 favorite things] Anna Kay Porch

Our series detailing 5 of our designers’ favorite things continues today with one of Tracery’s Rosemary Beach-based designer, Anna Kay Porch.   

1.  Original Painting by Allison Wickey

Allison Wickey is local to the 30A area and has a studio here in Rosemary Beach that we try to frequent as often as possible.  She has developed her own style of painting called ‘Venetian Plaster on Wood’ that she uses to create amazing works, many similar to this landscape that I am lucky enough to have in my home.  I love this painting because everyday it reminds me of what a beautiful area I live in & how lucky I am to call it home.  Her work is on display in several locations up and down the Gulf Coast.  Her ‘home base’ is located in the World Six Gallery here in Rosemary Beach, FL.  For more info please contact Allison Wickey at 850.420.8419 or at allison222(at)mac.com.

2.  Panne Chicken at The Red Bar

The Red Bar is the place on 30A that the locals frequent every Sunday for brunch and great music, lounging on old sofas and hanging out like they are at a friend’s house for hours at a time.  The tourists flock here in the summer & wait for what seems like an eternity to enjoy their limited, but magnificent menu.  I have to say that if I could only pick one item from their menu-it would hands down be the Panne Chicken.  Two massive, but thin chicken breasts that are lightly breaded, pan seared, oven baked and topped with a lemon caper butter served with a whopping helping of fresh, chunky mashed red potatoes & their famous house salad.  The Red Bar is located in Grayton Beach, FL & can be contacted by calling 850.231.1008.  Don’t forget, cash or check only!

3.  Comfy Cable Knit Blanket

This winter has been unusually cold here on 30A.  I’m talking chill you to the bone, wet, nasty cold. I am so glad I grabbed up one of the cable knit throws we have here in the shop.  It’s so soft and keeps me nice and toasty.  It’s kind of like being wrapped up in a giant sweater.  My throw is the perfect accessory for a warm night in enjoying American Idol.  They make great gifts so feel free to call the shop for any inquiries at 850.231.6755.

4.  Booties

New Year-New Look!  I purchased these gorgeous ankle boots for my New Year’s Eve outing and have fallen in love.  They are sleek and stylish and have a shorter, more realistic heel.  So whether I am dancing the night away or presenting a pretty color scheme to a client, these booties give me just the support and [shockingly] comfort I need.  They are on a steady rotation these days.

5.  Doggie Bike Trailer

If you have been in our shop in the last few years and met our ‘special greeter’, chances are you will recognize little Miss Murphy [above]. Murphy loves car rides, delivering furniture in the van, guarding the shop and you guessed it…bike rides!  I purchased this doggie bike trailer last year and we have both loved it ever since.  In the dead heat of the summer Murphy can still venture out for a quick ride to Seaside and not get over heated or injured. If you spend lots of time on the 30A Bike Path and have a smaller four-legged friend, then this trailer is a must have!

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