follow us on Twitter!

For those of you that just can’t get enough Tracery in your life, here’s a way to connect with us even more.  We’ve officially joined the Twitter phenomenon and you can follow along as we tweet daily to the world.  Paige, Doug and Bess are all going to be contributing so you’ll get a taste of what goes on at Tracery from both our Rosemary Beach and Birmingham locations.  If you’re already a Twitter user, just go to and click ‘Follow’ to receive our updates (and if you aren’t using Twitter, why not sign up and learn how it works with us!)

Are you already using Twitter?  Leave us your info in the comments section of this post so we can add you to our list — we love hearing from our readers and knowing what you are up to!

2 thoughts on “follow us on Twitter!

  1. I am going to follow you on twitter. I am also on twitter. Either go to my blog and hit Follow Me on Twitter or search for Cash972. Good Luck. Looking forward to following you guys.


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