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It’s been almost a year since we started the Tracery Blog and we continue to be amazed by the response this site receives.  Every month the amount of people who read and comment on our posts increases dramatically and we are so thankful for your response to our work.  We’re also so appreciative of the wonderful network of fellow bloggers who so graciously repost our images on their own sites.  We thought we’d dedicate our post today to some blog friends who have recently posted about our work or shop.  If you aren’t reading each of these blogs everyday, you have to add each of them to your list:

Holly of Things That Inspire has an incredible eye for design and her posts are thoughtful, in-depth and so informative.  She’s been kind enough to include our work in the collections of beautiful interiors that she features on her site and we’re honored to be in the company of the many talented designers that she features. 

Paula of Two Ellie has such a fun take on life and is always ready with a beautiful blog post that we can’t wait to read.  We’ve had the pleasure of having Paula in our shop a few times and she’s been kind enough to feature her trips on her blog, as well as a few of our projects.  Her blog will make you smile and you’ll get lost in all the pretty things to look at while you’re there. 

Limestones and Boxwoods is a relatively new blog, but it’s already gained quite a following.  We think that great name has to be part of it, but the images James posts are really what steal the show.  Featuring stunning architecture and interiors, James puts a lot of time and thought into his posts.  Our projects have been featured several times and we’re so excited to have been an early part of what’s sure to be a very popular blog for a long time to come. 

Doug discovered Velvet & Linen last fall and immediately emailed it to the beach office exclaiming “y’all have to start reading this blog!”  Soon after we were so delighted when Brooke featured some images of a home we had designed and even more flattered when we realized the post was about inspiration she was seeking for her own home!  The feeling is mutual, because Brooke’s beautiful work inspires us too and we love reading to see what she’s up to.

Besides these folks, of course we have to mention Brooke, Marianne, Layla, Claire, Sarah, Erika, Bryn, Renae, Jenny, and Erin — one of us tries to write each time we see one of our projects out there in blogland, but in case we haven’t said it:  thank you so much to each of you for your kind words and for posting our work!

What design blogs are your absolute favorites?  Are you writing a blog we don’t know about?  Tell us…we always like discovering new sites to read!  And if you’ve mentioned us and you think we haven’t seen it, please email shop [at] traceryinteirors [dot] com and let us know!  Happy Friday, friends!

12 thoughts on “blog love

    • haha, no one really read it for the first three months, so I’m sure it doesn’t feel like a year to you yet 🙂 you’ve got to get back to rosemary and see the shop, it looks SO good since it’s mini-facelift!



  1. Love your blog! I’ve been reading for a while, but I think I first came to it through Erika at Urban Grace or possibly Seleta at Simply Seleta.

    I was just telling my mom about the blog and store (she lives in Fort Morgan, AL) and how I’d love to check it out when I’m visiting some time. I mentioned your name, and she already knew of you guys. In fact, she’s an artist (Claudia Hodges) who worked with you on a Coastal Living House one time. Small world, huh?


  2. Obliviously, these guys’ work is amazing, but here is something you might not know from just looking at their beautiful work-they are also just stand up members of the design and design blogging community. Get this-I am a designer and just started my own company this year. I met Doug on Twitter after admiring Tracery’s work; later I bribed him with Zesto’s to meet me one day he was at ADAC. Since then I have sought his business advice a bunch of times including when I put in my first commercial bid and even when I need advice on a source. Very graciously, he always answers me within a day. A gumshoe designer could not ask for a more kind or talented mentor!

    Tracery, you guys are awesome and I am happy to include your work on my blog any time! Thanks for the mention.


  3. There is something about the Tracery Interiors blog that captured my eye and my imagination from the first moment I saw it (I still love to see that logo load up when I visit the blog – one of the best logos anywhere). Thank you for the mention, and thank you for being such supportive and gracious designers as well as bloggers!


  4. I agree on your logo! I love seeing it each time, it’s the best one ever!!! Thanks so much for the mention, and on twitter! I hope to vacay in FL soon so I can visit the store!!!

    I actually just finished a post, and was visiting to tell you I am passing on a little blog award. You guys are one of my fave’s!


  5. Thanks ya’ll! You’ve given me so much inspiration via your interiors and the blog. I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us in the future. I just subscribed to the new _tracery Twitter feed too so I don’t miss a thing.


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