The quatrefoil motif is one of our favorites.  Found often in gothic and heraldic art and architecture, the design is inspired by a four leaf clover and is traditionally regarded as a symbol of good fortune.  You might have noticed a tiny quatrefoil in the center of one of the custom embroidery patterns we recently featured.  Its simple, graphic and recognizable shape lends itself well to our clean-lined, traditionally inspired aesthetic and we often like to slip it into our designs.

In the Laundry Room of a Mountain Brook, Alabama home, we had quatrefoils cut into the top panels of the upper wall cabinets.

The symbol was already present in some of the exterior detailing of the home and we thought its addition here added to the very English cottage feel of the space.  [photo by Colleen Duffley]

In recent years, quatrefoils have been appearing as a popular design element in fashion as well as in architecture and design.  Here’s a round up of three products–all available through Tracery–that feature the quatrefoil.


The appropriately named Quatrefoil Table Lamp from Visual Comfort features a metal base with the design prominently displayed in the center.  It’s available in the Aged Iron finish and also in a Gilded Iron finish. 

We think the Alexandra Side Chair, from Suzanne Kasler’s collection for Hickory Chair, would be great as an accent chair as part of a larger seating group.  It’s small scale would also work well around in multiples around a small dining table.


As with most of Hickory Chair’s pieces, the Alexandra Side Chair is available in stained and painted finishes.

We’re not terribly fond of recessed lighting, in fact when possible we like to use surface mounted fixtures instead.  Imagine how great the Basil Surface Mounted Light, also from Visual Comfort, would look in a Powder Room or Hallway.  With a white glass diffuser on the bottom, the Basil Light is available in the Natural Brass finish pictured, or in Polished Nickel or Gun Metal.

8 thoughts on “quatrefoil

  1. I am absolutely besotted with the quatrefoil shape. In fact, in 2007 I created a company for art and design related endeavors that I called ‘Quatrefoil Design’. I recently assured Suzanne Kasler that I did not borrow the idea from her – but was instead inspired by the centuries olf Gothic architecture in English churches.

    I wrote a post on the quatrefoil when I first started my blog – it is amazing how this motif has had a resurgence in popularity!

    One of my all time favorite quatrefoils in architecture is in the McAlpine house featured in Veranda a few years ago – I think the home is in Nashville – there was a window shaped like a quatrefoil over the bed. I asked my architect if we could incorporate some quatrefoil repeated elements in my new house, but he said it didn’t really jibe with the style of the house. It is the constant battle for me – my love for Gothic, and my love for classic French.

    There is a great home on the Cathedral Tour of Homes this weekend in Atlanta (Sunday and Monday) that used to be the Bishop’s House, and the architect paid homage to the Bishop by incorporating all sorts of interesting motifs in the house that are in the Cathedral – including quatrefoils in the architecture and furniture.


  2. I love the detail of the cabinetry… nice touch!! I’ve been wanting to do kitchen cabinets with cut outs for a while.. just need to find a client that is willing! 🙂 Also like the surface mount! xoRH


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