Our post last week that featured two delightful bedrooms we recently completed for two little girls was very well received.  We were especially excited to see the images reposted on our friend Paula’s blog, Two Ellie, a couple of days ago.  Today we thought we’d take the theme in a different direction and show you some decidedly masculine spaces.

Found in the same house as the girls’ rooms we’ve already shared, charcoal grey walls set a warm and cozy tone for an 11 year old boy.  A wonderful limed oak french chest is a nice complement to the black painted caned bed.  A printed white duvet cover from Dwell keeps the room from getting too cave like.

The “man cave” is a popular trend to create a space for the man of the house to get away, but in one Mountain Brook, Alabama home we helped design, architect Jeff Dungan created an entire Man Cottage.

Doug and Jeff designed the interior of the space to resemble an updated version of an Old English Great Hall.  Rustic half-timbering and stucco covers the upper portions of the space.  A linen-covered sofa,wing chairs and a pool table complete with a decorative quatrefoil cutout detail complete the space.

A large scale piece by Birmingham artist Meredith Keith is the perfect artwork for this room.  [above photos all by Colleen Duffley]

A pool table takes center stage in this room from a home at Lake Martin, Alabama as well.

Paige and Anna Kay specified charcoal grey felt for the tablet op to match the color scheme found in the rest of the room.  A sleek charcoal mohair sofa contrasts with rustic barnwood between the windows and on the ceiling.  The best part?  A touch of a button on the remote control and a television rises up out of the chest in front of the windows.  Just what every guy needs.

Is there a man room in your house?

22 thoughts on “manly

  1. My son is a high school freshman, and really wants us to change his room when he gets his new double bed (the twin is too little). His room wasn’t babyish to begin with, but we are struggling with what to do for accessories and art to make it more “manly”. I would be interested in seeing more of your masculine ideas. Great post!


  2. I love the light fixtures over the pool table! We don’t have a man room. Our little cottage is small. We do have a basement though. It’s filled with junk. My husband can have that if he’ll clean it up 🙂


  3. I would ALLOW 🙂 a man cave in my house if it would look like one of those 🙂 —- just kidding about the “allowance”.
    Great rooms, Tracery!!


  4. I love the 11 year old’s room. My only concern would be when all his friends come over and jump on the white coverlet? On the man rooms, I think I would spend as much time as my husband. Great beams and architectural points in this room. The lighting fixtures are amazing, particularly the sphere metal ones. Meredith Keith is an amazing artist. My mother in law was lucky enough to get one in her early days when she sold them out of the OUT DOOR CAFE in Crestline Park. Another amazing post. The interior decorators at Tracery have GIFTS.


  5. Well, I am not a man (can you tell I am feeling quite prolific this morning?!). but I think I could pretty easily pass a few hours in that room. Yep, I could sit on the mohair couch and run my fingers over it for at least one hour and then I would look at those fabulous spherical light fixtures for another…


  6. All of these rooms are beautifully designed and have so many wonderful architectural features — but I can’t help it, I find myself wanting to add pillows, throws, ottomans, and other “comfort” items 🙂


  7. Oh, I miss living in Birmingham.

    Lovely chandeliers in today’s post – I’m contemplating a charcoal living room & this was another good inspiration photo… It might be the perfect color to dress down a space that is trying it’s hardest to be fussier than I’d like.


  8. That’s a great bedroom! We have a man room…grey leather sectional & ottoman, black bistro table and chairs, white v-groove walls, no window coverings…took a long time to create a masculine space we could all agree on…and one the teenagers could relax in without worrying about spills!


  9. Hey, I am late for a date night… but of course, have to leave my comment 🙂 Love the billiards room. it reminds me of the architecture in Christ’s Church in Oxford, England. The mantel was a superb choice… as were the light fixtures. I adore the wood on the upper half of the wall. Amazing piece of art… I need to look up the artist.

    I have a man, but we share a studio space as our space… I am not sure that qualifies!

    GREAT COMPETITION!! I loved it 🙂 Thanks and happy weekend.


  10. Doug- as you know- Michael’s man room just got moved to his one closet. And when I tell him he can have a man room one day- I would have never imagined the one above. I’ll have to keep these photos on file for inspiration!!


  11. I love these man rooms! Being a mother of three quickly growing boys it gives me a ton of inspiration!! What is the paint color used in the 11 years old’s room? I have never used a gray and heard they can be tricky. That one looks beautiful! thanks. dani


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