[tracery tips] perfect pedestals

The debut of our [tracery tips] series last week was a hit!  Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and comments.  Today, we continue with our picks for perfect pedestal sinks.  We love the old house charm that pedestal sinks add to a bathroom.  Of course they don’t always offer the storage or counter space of a vanity, but we’ve found little touches like a ledge behind the pedestal or a built-in between a pair of sinks often makes up the difference.

1.  Bancroft Pedestal Lavatory by Kohler

This relatively affordable option is widely available from plumbing suppliers as well as home improvement stores.  The tapering column base is classic and clean and the wide rim even leaves a place for setting down a toothbrush.  Available in 24″ and 30″ sizes, it’s a great choice for smaller spaces.

2.  Ravenna Pedestal Sink by American Standard

Another great solution for smaller budgets and spaces, this pedestal sink is a clean-lined choice that still retains a classic silhouette.  The optional towel bar is a great idea for a smaller space where there isn’t room to mount bath hardware.

3.  Exeter Pedestal by Waterworks

This classically styled pedestal reminds us of a sink you’d find in an old house.  Its substantial base, wide rim and big bowl make it perfect for everyday use in a space like a Master Bathroom (in fact Doug has one in his bathroom)


4.  Hampstead Pedestal Sink by Kallista

Check out the leg on this sink!  We love the curvy profile and stepped foot of the beautiful pedestal on Kallista’s Hampstead Sink.  Anna Kay selected a pair of these for an amazing bathroom in a home at Lake Martin recently and we love how the space turned out.  Wide side rims give some “counter space” and a slightly raised lip across the back adds detail–and a useful backsplash.

5.  Torre Washbasin by Lacava

This sink is just plain cool.  And simple.  And elegant.  We think it would be amazing in a beautiful clean-lined space but that it would also be a great contrast to a more detailed room.  This sink is more than just a utilitarian fixture, it’s a piece of sculpture.

Which one is your favorite?

24 thoughts on “[tracery tips] perfect pedestals

  1. I am enjoying the “tips” series. I wrote down all your paint colors to check into. I only need a new kitchen sink right now, but it’s always fun to look to check out ideas!


  2. I prefer the Exeter sink by Waterworks. I have never seen a sink like the Torre! I, too, wrote down all the paint colors you mentioned in the Tracery tips. I hope to use one in the near future.


  3. Thanks for sharing again. I’ve used the Kohler Memoirs pedestal a few times and really like it. The matching Memoirs toilet is also very common, even when not pairing it to the pedestal sink. I’m sure ya’ll have used them too.


  4. Good to know I am not the only one who likes a pedestal sink. I have purchased one for my tiny, 1970s master bathroom reno and wasn’t sure they were still “in style” or appropriate for a master bath. It’s really going to clear up some space in there-I am more excited now that I have seen your ideas!


  5. Hmmm-I am drawn to the simplicity of the American Standard; its scale and lack of adornment remind me of bath in a european apartment. Then I want to accept the challenge of the Lacava-maybe put in flush within a built in so you just can see the curve…Let’s face it, I could not have any kind of pedestal without loads of storage. This series could be a great little book. #justsayin!!


  6. I really like the Exeter by Waterworks, but I would really miss the storage of a vanity. The last “sculpture” sink is just too different for my taste.


  7. Just in the process of buying a new bathroom and have bought something very similar to No.3 the exeter basin. Obviously great minds think alike. It isn’t common to have 3 holes on the basin here so the choice of taps in the UK is meagre.


  8. We had the Exeter in our last house – had a long ledge across the sink wall to hold all of the necessities, and an etegere between them holding stacks of fluffy white towels. They were installed on 3″ platforms to raise the counter height to a more comfortable height for my husband.

    In our new house I’m looking for pedestals that stand a bit taller so we don’t have to give them a “boost…”


  9. I would have to say the Exeter by Waterworks wins in my book! I love the look of a pedestal sink in a small space. Thanks for posting some options of pedestals…opened my eyes to what is out there.


  10. I choose Waterworks! If Doug has it, it MUST be good! 🙂 Although the Kohler one is a good buy too. And I find that my clients like the pedestal sinks with more counter space. You don’t want your toothbrush falling off the sink into the trashcan. (It has happened!)
    p.s. I love these tracery tips! First time I’ve seen it. I’m off to read about paint colors!


  11. Wait wait wait…I’m here! Whew.

    I am the proud owner of two pedestal sinks! They came with my house, and I must admit, I had never given them any thought until now. I guess they’re pretty nice. I really enjoy the sculptor-esque feel of the sinks, but my bathroom is tiny, and sometimes the storage space in the medicine cabinet (also came with the house) is just not enough. It would be very cool if the sinks were original to the house, but I think they were probably the cheapest choice for the previous owner (which ties in perfectly with my latest post, by the way — sorry for the blatant self-promotion. I think pedestal sinks are most functional in a guest bath or a powder room. I would appreciate the storage of a built in sink. I especially love sinks built into antique cabinets!

    That being said, I would throw it all out for the last sink you showed…

    That thing is just sexy!

    See you tomorrow!


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