Most major renovation projects seem to include a redo or addition of a Master Bedroom.  When a new Master is added, what becomes of the old one?

The massive renovation of this 1929 Tudor-Revival home saw the addition of a new master suite, leaving the home’s original Master Bedroom ready for a new purpose and a new look.  The second floor of this  Mountain Brook, Alabama home originally had very low 8′ ceilings.  By opening part of the attic space above into the room, the space went from a narrow and dark room to a light filled retreat for guests.  We added decorative boxed beams to bring detail to the ceiling and to frame the antique crystal and iron chandelier.

We complemented the homeowner’s linen upholstered headboard and chair, which came from their previous home, with an antique bergere beside the fireplace,  upholstered in a soothing grey-green silk.  The wall of bookcases was not original to the space, but we knew that it was crucial to adding another layer of detail to the room…and to making an otherwise big, blank wall make sense.  Of course once we had a wall full of shelves in place we had to fill them up–and the home already had a Library elsewhere–so we decided to have hundreds of books we scored at second-hand stores wrapped in white paper to add a graphic element to the room that fits perfectly with the monochromatic scheme of the space.  To play up the fireplace we had slabs of lagos azul limestone cut with mitered corners and installed around the firebox.  Above the mantle we layered an antique Louis Phillipe mirror in front of a panel of mirrored glass — we always like the look of a mirror over another.


At the bedside, an antique footed bowl holds pale apricot roses which perfectly compliment the tones of the room.

We’d been wanting to try out the white wrapped book look for a while before we designed this space.  Paige and Doug had a brainstorm one day standing in the unfinished space and knew that this was the perfect place to try it out.  We love how it turned out, its graphic impact is one of our favorite things about the room.  What’s yours?–don’t forget to comment, one per day on our blog this week enters you in our give away!

[photos by Colleen Duffley]

36 thoughts on “remastered

  1. I love the bookcase and the fireplace. I think it gives the room a lived-in feel that is sometimes missing from guest rooms. Thanks for the opportunity for the give away!


  2. I love the soothing color palette of this guest room – the perfect retreat for a guest.

    I don’t even have a guest room in my current house (it was my ‘starter’ house, and through the years and the expansion of my family, all of the bedrooms were taken!), so even having any kind of guest retreat seems like a great thing.


  3. This is really a great post. I love they way you started it asking “after a renovation, what happens to the rest of the house?” That is so timely… Last night I went to see “It’s complicated,” which is a great movie by the way… but in the movie they were renovating the house, and they were getting rid of the kitchen and moving it elsewhere… problem was it was one of the most beautiful kitchens I have ever seen. Anyway, I know that’s a little off topic, on you your project…

    I love that you bumped up the ceilings, and the beams are excellent. It truly is light-filled. It’s so depressing to walk into dark bedrooms.

    The vignette of the fireplace is so lovely. I am such a sucker for the monochromatic look…. I am also totally in love with the all white books trend. I actually saw some this weekend with script running over the spines. That was also quite beautiful.

    I love the fire balls! Limestone and Boxwoods did post on them a while back, and I have been looking out for them. They look perfect for this room. Clean and sleek.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!



  4. I’m afraid if I were a guest in this elegant room, the homeowners may have trouble getting me to leave. I LOVE the white books!! This room is so elegant, so quiet, so comforting. As always, Tracery, you are amazing!


  5. im super fond of the door hardware (that you barely see) in the close-up picture of the built-ins. It is only a glimpse, but ahhh the detail!! beautiful room! the natural light is amazing!!


  6. The photo of the table and chair in the window area is going straight into my inspiration file. What a calm space for guests to claim as their own.


  7. The ceiling is fabulous — so dramatic!
    But is no one else even a little troubled by the addition of so many books just to fill space? Books that no one has read and no one will read? When used this way, it seems like they become meaningless items, and who wants to fill their living space with something meaningless? As someone who loves and collects books, I can’t imagine wrapping them up to hide their titles and personalities…


    • Hilda, that’s a good point about the books…it is a lot. We sourced them from thrift stores, garage sales, etc and in many cases they were very outdated, damaged, etc and probably bound for the landfill sooner or later. We thought it better to repurpose them than to leave them for eventual trashing. This house actually has two library spaces besides this and the owners are voracious readers so there’s thankfully no shortage of read and well-loved books in the home.


      • Believe me, I get it completely, what you were doing here with the books. And I realize I’m probably in the minority here with my opinions on it, so thank you for so graciously allowing me to air my thoughts, and thanks for taking the time to respond. But to my mind, you *have* trashed them in a way — even though they’ve ended up as shelf-fill rather than as land-fill. By this I mean it’s not their physical fate that bothers me — rather, it’s the fact that their meaning and value has been stripped away. Again, I totally get the graphic element you were going for. But I guess I’m just a total book nut, because I feel a sort of mild horror when I look at these shelves, so empty and sterile. It just elicits all the wrong emotions from me — and I’m laughing at myself a bit as I write this, because it’s odd for me to have this kind of visceral response to such a benign photo. I hope you take this not as criticism, but in the spirit with which it was written 🙂


  8. This is a guest’s paradise. I am afraid if I visited, I may not leave. I think it is important to make a guest feel special and this room screams SPECIAL. I love the white paper covered books. To me, it makes a bold statement. It is out of the box and does not look like the usual four books this way, four books stacked that way look that we all too often see in the books. The fire balls are awesome. Simple, yet elegant. This room seems to be off the beating path of the rest of the home, giving the guest not only a breathtaking room to use, but privacy. Well done, love it.


  9. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love the soft color scheme.. and that rug!!! AND the fireplace design with the books. Seriously… y’all are SO good. And I’m not just saying that to suck up for a candle. 🙂 I mean it. Way to go!!


  10. Beautiful. Modern because of its simplicity and timeless because of its elegance, the architectural milk glass vase filled with unadorned roses is the perfect icon for the project.

    Yet, another home run!


  11. I have to say I am in love with this color scheme! So calming and relaxing! That is exactly what I am shooting for in our next bedroom makeover. I want a place to feel calm and relaxed, a sort of get-away in my own home from all of the daily whirl! Love the rug too! Incredible post! Thanks for sharing this one!


  12. I love the limestone fireplace! And the ceiling redo is awesome! This is truly a guest retreat haven! I have been so into adding bursts of color and now all I want is this lovely neutral color scheme…Thanks for the inspiration!


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  14. So many great things in these pictures! I of course noticed the fireballs in the fireplace. I also noticed the plaster on the wall in the last picture. I love that vignette. Finally, I noticed the headboard on the bed. I’d enjoy seeing a close up of that and perhaps a post on custom headboards in the future. I’m researching a headboard for myself so I’m particularly interested in that. Thanks again for sharing the beautiful imagery.


  15. So glad I saw this post! I saw a footed bowl almost identical to the one in the last picture while thrifting yesterday and didn’t buy it! Now I’m inspired to go back and get it! I, too, scour the Goodwill and flea markets for books, and arrange them by color-I figure eventually I will read them!


  16. This space takes my breath away- thank you so much for sharing it! The neutral palate is so soothing and restful. What color paint did you use on the walls? It looks like the palest of grays. I’ve been testing out different shades but haven’t come up with one that looks like your beautiful shade. Thanks so much! Ann


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