Tracery in Southern Lady magazine

You might remember late last year when we told you about a photoshoot that took place in our Birmingham office.  The shoot was for Southern Lady magazine, a title in the Birmingham-based Hoffman Media’s group of publications.  Doug worked with Chad Martin and Ryan Davis of our sister* company, The G Brand, to style the feature which centers around ideas for home office decoration and organization.  A big part of the article centers around the Whitewall & Co. stencil installation that is painted on one wall of Doug’s office.



It took a little bit of ‘magazine magic’ to make Doug’s office look like one in someone’s home, but we think we pulled it off pretty well.  Many, many thanks to our downstairs neighbor, Richard Tubb Interiors for letting us borrow the great tufted linen chair; to our friend Paige Albright at Paige Albright Orientals for loaning us the wonderful Moroccan rug that’s overlayed on the sisal rug that’s normally in the space; and to Sonia Davis** at Inflations & Invitations in Homewood, Alabama for letting us use some stationary from her store–including pieces from her recently released collection from Inviting Company that bears her name.  The desk and floor lamp are available through Tracery.

*okay, “brother” company is actually more appropriate because Doug and Ryan are indeed brothers

**and Sonia is married to Ryan, making her Doug’s sister-in-law…this shoot was a family affair!


[**UPDATED**  everybody loves the wire letter basket pictured…we do too.  it’s from here, looks like it’s out of stock for now, but a great item (and site!)  ]


[photography by John O’Hagan for Southern Lady — all images courtesy of Southern Lady]

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