[best of 2009] Rosemary Beach redo

We’ll admit it, the real estate market has been slow in our hometown of Rosemary Beach, Florida and all along scenic Highway 30A for the past couple of years.  In 2009 we started to see that trend shift however and we excitedly began working close to home once again.  We’ve got several exciting projects already lined up at the beach for 2010 but we did complete one project this year that bears mentioning once more.

Located just down Rosemary Avenue from our shop, the renovation of this home–one of Rosemary Beach’s originals–produced a stunning end result for an Atlanta family.

Tracery’s Paige Schnell and Anna Kay Porch completely changed the look of this house without any major construction — carefully chosen additions to the architecture combined with a crisp paint job and a house-full of new casual furnishings  from our shop resulted in the perfect beach retreat.  The clean color palette and deliberate choice of new finishes proves that casual elegance is best achieved with a simple solution.

[photos by Michael Granberry]

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