Paige’s vintage-inspired holiday

[Paige’s childhood stocking, handcrafted by her mother]

This holiday season, we’ve taken you inside (and outside) three stunning residences in and around Birmingham, inside Doug’s newly finished Mountain Brook Village area bungalow, showed you our shop all decked out for the season and let you virtually crash a fabulous party at one of our client’s houses.  There’s only one thing left to share before Christmas arrives…the inside of Tracery principal Paige Schnell’s Seagrove Beach cottage!

Paige’s holiday decor is a combination of treasured family pieces and vintage finds.  In one corner of the Living Room, a vintage tinsel tree is decorated with ornaments from Paige’s childhood–and her daughter’s.  The macrame Santa Claus was created for Paige’s first Christmas.

The vintage felt tree skirt came with the tinsel tree when Paige found both at an estate sale.  Gifts beneath the tree are simply wrapped in newspaper and twine.

Above the dining table, Paige suspended glittering reindeer ornaments from palm leaf green ribbon (the signature color of the cottage’s Living and Dining Rooms).  On the table top and buffet top of the green-painted Victorian cabinet, fresh pine branches collected from the woods surrounding Paige’s houses mingle with votives and white shell balls (from Tracery).

On the bar top that separates the Dining Room and Kitchen, Paige placed a white-painted Christmas tree created by her Aunt Martha (who crafts one for each member of the family as a wedding gift).  We’ve been seeing these a lot lately around blogland…they’re completely vintage and kitsch and we love them!

In the bedroom hallway, Paige answered the ‘what to do with Christmas cards?’ question by stretching a length of wrapping paper on a door and then attaching cards to it.  It’s a much more fun and visible way to display holiday greetings than placing them in a pile on the coffee table!

Leaving no area unadorned for the season, Paige hung a simple tinsel wreath in the Master Bedroom.  Its silver tones blend peacefully with pale blue painted walls (1/2 formula Benjamin Moore ‘Woodlawn Blue’ — for those of you wondering) and serene Area bedding (available through Tracery).

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