over the hill & through the woods

Thought you all might enjoy this ‘behind the scenes’ glance into the recent Lake Martin adventure.  Anna Kay and Bess used lots of white painted twigs in this home and we got as local as you could by venturing into the nearby woods to find old twigs to paint ourselves.  The weather hasn’t exactly been our friend lately so we had to pack up our loot and take it to Bess’s garage to finally have a spray paint ‘safe’ facility out of the elements. It’s always fun to get your hands a little dirty… you all would have loved to hear all the squeals and screeches when we happened upon bugs and spider webs.  We were quite entertaining to say the least.  These twigs are definitely keepers for next year!

One thought on “over the hill & through the woods

  1. This is funny to me. About a month ago, I had the same plan and took my three kids (all under age 5) on a “nature walk” to look for sticks specifically to spray paint. We came back with a collection of twigs, the biggest of which was approx. 6 inches 🙂 They were so proud, but needless to say, none of them are displayed in my house. . .


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