do you origami?

Bess here– this past Saturday was the annual Holiday Walkabout in Rosemary Beach.  Our neighbor, Gigi’s had Santa and Christmas cookies so Tracery featured a special Origami Crane Ornament Class by yours truly!  I folded paper cranes to decorate the shop last year. Followed by their glitzy re-appearance this holiday season we had a lot of great feedback and decided to share this little craft with the public.  Tammy, Jessica & Olivia [all local to the SoWal area] came prepared with their own paper (and champagne)!  We had so much fun turning out crane after crane and even made a few cute boxes and origami candy canes. Jessica came up with the great idea of using the cranes as gift tags like below.  We even had a few shoppers stop in and make a crane.  If you are in the area next holiday season be sure to stop in and find out what crafty craziness we are up to next!

3 thoughts on “do you origami?

  1. I love this idea. It brought back fond memories of my wedding day when my little brother, an art student, made dozens of origami doves and taped them to my car. Of course I could have been ticketed by the police for littering because the doves kept coming detached! But it was a sweet, sweet gesture.


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