holiday retreat

With all of our Birmingham holiday decor complete it was time to head to the Lake. Anna Kay and Bess spent a few days at Lake Martin getting this lake side retreat ready for a fabulous family Christmas. When decorating a space with such a neutral palette it seemed best not to stray with crazy colored holiday decor.  They laid glass beaded garland wrapped with grey velvet ribbon atop the mantle and placed moss and painted twigs [local to Lake Martin, Anna Kay and Bess got a little ‘outdoorsy’.  More to come on that] in tall glass cylinders to compliment the height of the oversized antique mirror.  

The family had already purchased these simple felted wool stockings with beautiful applique details in tones of grey, white and green that so elegantly complimented the homes interiors.  Bess added the grey velvet bows to the stocking holders to give them a more personal touch.  More to come…

6 thoughts on “holiday retreat

  1. I have been enjoying these posts so much. It sounds like people hire your firm to style and decorate for the holidays – what a great idea! Is this a service that Tracery Interiors offers to clients, or anyone in general?


  2. Well, last year it was something we agreed to do for a client whose house we had just completed. A couple of other clients immediately asked us to work with them this year on their decor and it’s evolved from there into something that we are now offering as another aspect of our practice. We’ve also worked to style a few events throughout the rest of the year…we think that creating beautiful environments and experiences is an something that doesn’t just have to be limited to the design of interior spaces.


  3. LOVE the stockings! Who makes them or were they custom? Your blog is absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad I found it. Happy Holidays!


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