since you asked…

Hello Tracery Blog readers, Doug from the Birmingham office here–

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments about my new place that we posted on Thursday!  I am loving it and though I was a little reluctant to show off my work in progress, I am glad you all liked it too.

To answer a few questions that were posted in the comments or on Facebook:

My coffee table is the ‘Open Weave Coffee Table’ by Design Workshop.  I saw it last November at High Point and ordered it for myself on the spot.   I love it!  We actually have one in our Rosemary Beach shop at the moment…it retails for $539 .  In a small space like mine, particularly one where you have to walk through the room so much, its compact size and open design work really well–a big wooden table would have really fought with the piece below the television I think.  Let us know if you are interested, it’s a great piece at great price!

The diptych paintings above my sofa are by my good friend Laura Mimbs Clark, entitled ‘Fall Waters I and II.’  We actually considered the pieces for use in a project a couple of years ago but I liked them so much I ended up buying them!  I designed the center wall panel to be just the right width for them over my sofa (and, truth be told, the television on the other wall!)  If you aren’t familar with Laura’s work, visit here site [here] to see more.  We’ve used Laura’s work in several projects, including the Southern Living Idea House.

My wingback chair is the ‘Hamlin’ chair by Sam Moore.  I bought it two houses ago (and before I even worked with Tracery!) from Richard Tubb Interiors in Birmingham’s Pepper Place (and just downstairs from our Birmingham office).  I was sure when I moved in I was going to have to reupholster it in something more grey, but it works better than I anticipated.  The antique brass nailheads do bug me though so it’s bound for a makeover sooner or later.  And maybe white legs too.

And yes, I do promise to share more pictures soon…my kitchen is almost the way I want it and my bathroom is actually the only room that I’d call complete.  Let us get through showing you all the beautiful Holiday decor we have left to share and then I’ll let y’all back in for another tour!  Thanks again for your questions and comments…we love hearing from our readers!

7 thoughts on “since you asked…

  1. My designer often says ‘it’s hard to be a designer’ – because she notices so many of the details and if something is not right, it really drives her nuts! I think your place looks wonderful, and I was particularly struck by how great the Hamlin chair looks in its setting.


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