Doug’s holiday decor

Regular readers of our blog might already know that Tracery designer Doug Davis moved to a new place this fall.  Doug designed the renovation for this 1942 attached bungalow, located just up historic Montevallo Road from Mountain Brook Village.  Though there are still a lot of things Doug wants to do with his new place (what designer doesn’t always have a list of unfinished projects in their own home?), he did take a few photos to showcase some holiday decorating ideas.

On the lightposts that flank the courtyard entrance, Doug placed bundles of mixed greenery tied with silver ribbon that matches the cool grey color scheme of the buildings.  You can see a light dusting of snow in these first few pictures…photoworthy as it’s a rare occurence in Birmingham!


On the front door, Doug hung a fresh green boxwood wreath.  Inside the white-paneled Living Room, simple touches add festive cheer without overwhelming the relatively small space.

On top of a vintage wooden cabinet, Doug placed branches (cut directly from the backyard!) in a glass cylinder filled with moss.  Hung with mercury and clear glass ornaments the arrangement is the perfect alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

On the antique sideboard that sits beneath the television, Doug arranged a collection of birch wrapped votives of varying sizes, white pottery and vintage-inspired tinsel trees (from Henhouse Antiques).

In the front windows, Doug hung more clear and mercury glass ornaments using charcoal grey wool knitting yarn.  The vintage plug-in candles are a tradition in the historic bungalow court where Doug lives and are passed down from resident to resident of the units.

We hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Doug’s new home…there’s more to share another day.  Next week, Tracery principal Paige Schnell will swing open her screen door to share her take on coastal Christmas decor.

[updated:  click here for some answers to questions we had about this post…including where to buy Doug’s very cool coffee table–hint, it’s from Tracery!]

22 thoughts on “Doug’s holiday decor

  1. Hey Doug!
    You did such a nice job with your new place…I love the branches in the glass vase filled with moss!

    Thanks too for the places to visit in B’ham!



  2. I enjoyed this glimpse into Doug’s home! The vintage candle in the window reminds me of my childhood; my mother used to put an electric candle in every window. My house doesn’t lend itself to this, but I think my next house will…I wonder if you can still buy those?


  3. Wow! Okay, so I’m really far behind on my blog reading, but I wanted to add how much I love your home! It is so cozy, and the living room is just beautiful. I love the wingback chair, the photos over the couch and all your beautiful decorations. I can’t wait to see more.


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