Clarendon Road Christmas

We’ve had a lot of fun interjecting little bits of hot pink into the otherwise charcoal and white interiors of a recently renovated home in Mountain Brook, Alabama’s Colonial Hills neighborhood.  When it came time to decorate the exterior of this home for the holidays, we decided to keep with our theme.

Starting with the mailbox, which is draped in fresh cedar garland, we used rolls upon rolls of hot pink velvet ribbon to bring color and vibrancy to this home’s exterior.

A large evergreen wreath adorns the large front window of the home.  A ten foot Christmas tree twinkles in the double-height Foyer beyond, decorated with mercury glass and silver ornaments tied with hot pink organza ribbon.

Smaller wreaths decorate the windows and doors overlooking the Front Terrace.  A large wreath hangs on each side of the lighthouse-esque stair tower.  In the small leaded glass encircled Vestibule which leads to the Master Bedroom, another tree wrapped in hot pink ribbon displays family ornaments.

We’ll be posting interior images of this home later this week, so check back for more soon!


We should have have originally noted that this renovation/addition for this beautiful home was designed by our sister company Dungan Nequette Architects.  You can visit their website [here] to see a photo gallery with more pictures from this residence.

8 thoughts on “Clarendon Road Christmas

  1. Clarendon Road – I love the name. If I were to name a street, I would pull out my London directory and pick something British – Clarendon, of course, reminds me of the great hotel in London.

    My husband’s grandfather named his company by looking at a map of England and picking a name of one of the counties – Devon.

    Beautiful home, I must visit your neck of the woods some time – I love the architecture.


  2. Lovely solid house. I live in the UK (very close to a Clarendon Rd!) and follow quite a few USA blogs, (mainly because I can’t find any UK ones)and many of the houses look very ‘temporary’. This one doesn’t look like it would get blown anywhere fast. Decorating the outside of your house in the UK is seen as a bit crass but I’ve seen such lovely examples on american sites that I m going to risk the wrinkling of my neighbours noses and go for it !


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