Tudor Holiday, part II

As promised, here’s  a look inside the Tudor Revival home we’ve spent the past couple of days decorating for the Holidays.

Just inside the front door, the center hall table is set with a beautiful arrangement of orchids in a copper pot–created by our very talented friend Rachel Craige.  Fresh magnolia leaves are mingled with mercury glass votives on the white marble tabletop.

At the bottom of the stair, we wrapped live garland around the newel post and then added ornaments, satin ribbon and white dried popcorn berries.  We like to let garland puddle on the floor just like drapery.


Adjacent to the Foyer, the home’s formal Living Room features a lavish Christmas Tree and other seasonal touches.


Atop the skirted console table (which we designed and had made custom for the room), we placed more fresh magnolia intertwined among oversized mercury glass ornaments.

The Christmas Tree is covered  in an assortment of ornaments which we selected specifically for the room.  Beautiful gilded crosses mingle with wooden Italianate shapes, and mercury and iridescent glass.  Soft velvet ribbon cascading from the crown atop the tree matches the velvet yardage at the base.  We like to use hemmed yardage as a tree skirt versus a traditional tailored circular skirt because of the added fullness  and softness it brings–in fact this skirt is actually a pair of velvet drapery panels from Pottery Barn!



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